4 Wrong Ways you are Losing Weight

If you are on a weight loss spree but you don’t see any results, you are doing it wrong. All those countless hours of watching YouTube and Instagram for weight loss tips can be futile if you don’t understand your body type. What are you doing wrong? Read on to find out,

Know your Body Type

The human body is broadly divided into three broad categories,

  •    Ectomorph – These people are usually lean built, they don’t put on a lot of muscle and don’t gain substantial weight easily. However, these people have what you can call the “Skinny fat”
  •    Mesomorph- This type of body can be a blessing in disguise. These people are gifted with good genetics and have an athletic built.
  •    Endomorph- Ever wondered why you gain weight much faster than you actually should? It is probably because your body is endomorphic in nature. They have a higher fat percentage in the body.

Once you have a thorough understanding of your body type, you can devise a weight loss strategy specific to your body type for effective weight management. You must refer to a specialist for understanding your body type, and opt for a weight loss plan accordingly.

Weight Loss is 30% Exercise and 70% Diet

Your weight loss strategy isn’t holistic if you aren’t giving equal weight to the diet. You must calculate the calorie intake, and always take in lesser than what your body needs. In a calorie deficit state, your body burns the stored fat in your body. Working out or indulging in calorie burning exercises can be useful and should be done consistently. This consistency in workout must be followed with a strict diet.

Relying on Pills as the Only Remedy

There are plenty of weight loss pills available in the market, which make magical claims to reduce fat in less than 7 days. No, that’s impractical and merely a marketing gimmick. Weight loss is a gradual process and takes months of sincere efforts. You cannot expect the weight loss magic to happen within a fortnight. Also, you must avoid the usage of weight loss pills. These pills aren’t wholesome remedy and are stimulants to control your hunger and satiety hormones. If at all you want to take pills, you must first get a thorough medical examination done. Remember, pills have side effects.

Lack in Motivation

If you are unable to keep up with the weight loss plan, you aren’t motivated enough. You must take a cue from a famous personality, a leader or a star as the motivating factor. Alternatively, you need to do a lot of self-retrospection to get your goals clear in your head. You can set an achievement parameter for yourself and after attaining it, reward yourself. If motivation doesn’t work, focus on incentivizing the whole process.

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